Ogley Road/High Street junction to close again for three weeks of gas works from this weekend

Gas works will be taking place at this junction for about 3 weeks. Image from Apple Maps.

There is also some minor gas renewal work scheduled for the Vernon Avenue/Vicarage Road area of Ogley Hay which I’ll get more details of when I have them.

Here’s the deal: From Sunday 10th February 2018 until approximately 25th February 2018, Cadent Gas on behalf of National Grid will be undertaking a second phase of replacing gas mains at the Ogley Road and High Street junction, adjacent to the former Warreners Arms pub.

There will traffic control in operation, closure of the junction and diversions throughout the works as appropriate.

I appreciate this is frustrating, but work has to be done. I’d much rather be reporting a temporary traffic jam than a gas explosion, after all…

For Walsall Council’s weekly list of scheduled upcoming roadworks, you can visit this page here and download a copy. Obviously, this won’t cover emergency work. If you can’t get the PDF link on that page, try a different device/browser.

I hope this clears things up a bit.

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6 Responses to Ogley Road/High Street junction to close again for three weeks of gas works from this weekend

  1. Paul says:

    Yeah but it would be nice if they didn’t schedule it to coincide with the work at the terrace lights Making it almost impossible to cross Brownhills from East to West.

    Typical P up in a brewery organisational skills we’ve come to expect from the agencies with the power to close our roads.

    • Hate to whizz on your chips but the plan was that they didn’t overlap, and that they won’t with the Shore Oak Resurfacing. The A5 works were due to be finished end of January but bad weather delayed them.


      • Paul says:

        And the first time round?

        So they weren’t expecting bad weather in January? 🤭

        • The first time around, they overlapped by a few days.

          Jobs get delayed. Stuff is scheduled around each other as best it can be.

          It’s a traffic delay it’s hardly life and death.

          It’ll soon be over


          • Paul says:

            Delayed reply – sorry, been out of the country for a few days. Nope they overlapped for a number of weeks.

            Granted it’s not life and death and I suppose there is a case for us all feeeling lucky to be alive.

            It doesn’t stop it being extremely annoying when one of your kids go to school in Chasetown, you live just off the A5 and the junction work adds 1/2 hr on to a 5 minute journey when there was no advance notice apart from seeing that Brownhills comp had a letter which was posted on here and the rest of us didn’t.

            It’s not just the high st and shire oak with the A5 though – they started the A5 work whilst they were signposting the A5 as an alternative route into Birmingham from the M6 during the motorway works at J1/2 of the M5 – now that takes a special kind of stupid!

            How about this example – working in Brum having started a new job when the buses randomly decide not to turn up because they’ve been stuck in traffic so long the drivers shift is ending? It’s already over an hour journey meaning leaving the house at something after 7 becomes leaving nearer 6 and not getting back until after 7pm – out 13 hours when you’re working 7 hours. Then worry about being late everyday in a new job too but yeah it’s not life and death – unless it affects someone’s mental health through stress that is.

            Also just how long are the A5 works over running by? It seems we’ve still got a series of night closures to go!

            Works have not been scheduled around each other the best they can be. If they did that they would have scheduled so that other jobs came between these ones so that the chance of overlap was nil. It seems to be a lack of coordination between agencies.

            Just because it doesn’t seem to cause you any problems and is “just a bit of traffic” to you doesn’t meant it’s fine for the rest of us.


            • Oh for heaven’s sake. You’re really are going for gold on this.

              There has been over a week’s notice. The signs have been up over a week. The closure notice was in last week’s addy.

              Signing alternatives ‘isn’t a special kind of stupid’ it’s just what’s available.

              The night closures on the A5 finish the work as it’s the resurfacing.

              The A5 works have overrun by 2 weeks.

              They did schedule them that way. Sadly work crews are not sat idle.

              I live in Brownhills. I experience the congestion and traffic problems. I just realise that however much notice I have, however entitled I feel, however much I may have to wait, however unpleasantly snarky it might make me, stuff has to be done and if traffic is likely to be heavy I reroute or leave earlier. I’m regularly at work 12 hours with a 2 hour plus commute. It’s what I choose – nobody is going to sympathy for that and neither do I deserve any.

              In short, the world doesn’t revolve around me.

              The original gas works took place, the A5 works between them as much as possible, then these. It ain’t rocket science – two to three weeks one of which is half term anyway.

              I’d suggest the time you’ve spent grumbling here might be better spent getting some fresh air and perspective.


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