Deluge washes out Copsewood challenge, but Wood drift over Villans

Images and captions kindly supplied by the young David Evans

Sadly, the advertised Walsall Wood home match yesterday (3rd February 2018) against Coventry Copsewood at Oak Park was postponed due the pitch failing an inspection after one of the officials tripped over a basking dolphin.

However, all was not lost as Walsall Wood managed to organise a friendly between the first team and Pelsall Villa (also based at Oak Park) at Shelfield School on the artificial pitch, which was found to be porpoise free.

I have to offer apologies here as while I was able to advertise the planned match I could only get news of the cancellation out on social media, not the blog, due to a work issue cropping up. Sorry folks.

Anyway, I believe Walsall Wood beat Pelsall Villa 6-1 and a good, if somewhat damp time was had by all.

I am reliably informed that the errant dolphin has since apologised to the official and is believed to be quite good with a ball. It’s currently living on the old Oak Park bowling green lake and is slotted in for the subs bench at the next home match…

Images Kindly supplied by Russell Smith of the superlative

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1 Response to Deluge washes out Copsewood challenge, but Wood drift over Villans

  1. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    many thanks to you and to Russell …..Oak Parks pitch was declared unfit for purpoise…but I enjoyed watching the Wood vs Villa replacement, as did all of those players who took part.
    I think the next home match is on Tuesday 13 Feb…a JM Hunt charity match, perhaps.(?)
    Russell’s photos are the clear professional ones, if anyone is unsure..
    Kind regards
    p.s. there is a photo going around which show me at Shelfield match, doing my famous mushroom in the rain impression.

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