2018 Brownhills Blog quiz results

Mr Jakemen and sharp-eyed assistants explore the hills for answers. Nice one, folks!

Sorry for the delay with this, as you know, I’ve not been well and barely keeping up – but here are the results of the 2018 Brownhills Blog new year quiz.

The results are as follows

Tony 14
Lynn 2
Diane 1
Clive 1
Chelsea 1

Have to say, a couple of really game entries this year – Tony Jakeman who genuinely took the town apart looking, and Chelsea who did the same but later. Well done you you both – Tony bags the 8 pint mini-keg of Backyard (I’ll be in touch – same goes for the photo competition winners) and I’d like to award Chelsea a book prize for having a go.

If you want to see fuller explanations of the answers you can find them in the answers in the comments to the original quiz post here – a brief summary is below.

Tony really went out and explored, which was the key to this and how I intended it. Chelsea did the same, and had she been earlier, would have really given him a run for his money!

Clearly this year the quiz didn’t catch the imaginations of readers – whether I posted it too late, the weather put folk off, of the photo competition was more appealing I don’t know. A rethink for next year, I feel. Please feel free to let me know what you think.

We’ll always have competitions, but I just need to think about how we do them in future.

Thanks to everyone who took part!

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