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Sorry folks, I’ve had to remove this post at the request of an involved party.

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  1. David Smith says:

    No, it was not a cinema – Eddie Jones was the chairman of the Brownhills Camera Club, which had been meeting in the ‘Memo’ – Eddie allowed the club to convert the basement to a clubhouse around 1970/71, complete with darkroom and rest room. The tiered seating was so members all had a good view of the slides being projected. I was one of the members involved and we had better facilities there than any of the clubs I have been involved with since. Some years later, after Eddie had passed away, I was visiting Brownhills and asked about the club in the shop but was told it had closed and the nearest club was now in Walsall.

    • Sorry, to be clear I din’t mean a public cinema, just a theatre for viewing cinefilm.

      But that is fascinating – thanks. We still have Walsall Wood Camera Club who I believe meet at the Activity Centre on the island


  2. I think this film was took I would say nearer the early 30 s.

    • Colin Noble says:

      I can confirm some at least of the film was taken in the early 1960s. The very young guitar band just before the end of the film are ‘The Cossacks’ of which I was the bass guitarist, playing at Middleton House club.

    • I can confirm some of the film at least was taken in the early 1960s. The Guitar group just before the end of the Film are ‘The Cossacks’ I was the Bass player. Playing at Middleton House Club.

  3. Andy Hodgkiss says:

    Andy Hodgkiss ex employee of 17 years at E E Jones Photographers . I also believe there was two darkrooms and a tea room , the entrance was bricked up and a few tons of rubble infront of it . I have many happy memories of working at E E Jones many thanks to W.L.Allwood (Bill)for this .I shall be returning there and find some happy evenings not working but sampling Jiggers ales.

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