Censor sensibility

Is this the notorious Pike Helve area of Brownhills? Click for a larger version. Image from an eBay sale posted by 88chatsworth.

OK folks – since I’m busy enjoying the good cycling weather, here’s a very quick postcard spotted on eBay for the handwriting and local Great War experts to ponder over.

A postcard on eBay from seller 88chatsworth, passed by the military censor and sent on Monday 2nd July 1917 to a lady in Pier Street, Brownhills.

You can see the auction here.

I’m interested in what we can find here about the sender, the addressee and their histories –  and also perhaps who the young lady is on the card.

If you can help, comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at googlemmil dot com. Get to it!

Was this a supermodel of the day? Image of a postcard on eBay sold by 88Chatswoth.

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6 Responses to Censor sensibility

  1. Pedro says:

    not much help but Bonne Annee is Happy New year in some foreign language!

  2. Isobel Dams says:

    Just done a bit of internet sleuthing. Priscilla Dorricott was born in the 3rd quarter of 1896. In 1901 she was living with her parents, Alfred and Rhoda in Wilkin Lane, Brownhills. Her father was a miner. By 1911 she was a domestic servant working in the household.of a wholesale drapery manager named Mr. Harris in Walsall. She married Job Barber in 1920 and in 1939 they lived in Hussey Road. I wonder whether their descendants might still live in the area?

  3. Ann Swindale says:

    Bonne Année is indeed Happy New Year in French, so Job would have been serving in France.

  4. David Evans says:

    July 1917..the protracted third battle of Ypres ..Passchendaele -began and lasted until November of that year.
    I have not been able to find any surviving military records for a Job Barber, so far.

  5. aerreg says:

    re the name barber a real good old family name uncle georges wife was annie barber and there were two brothers joby and herbert barber both had coop conections herbert was the coop in high street and joby worked for the coop both were very well known if my memory serves me right joby serve during the war in the navy and sailed within the trechorous norh sea convoys two great chaps thanks for more memories god bless should have put coop manager sorry

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