Car vandalised on the Hussey Estate last Thursday night

The Hussey Estate is normally a peaceful corner of Brownhills. Image kindly shared by Steve Martin.

Worrying news from a good pal of the blog Simon who lives on the Hussey Estate in Brownhills – on Thursday night (3rd August 2017) he had his car vandalised, with two tires punctured and the paintwork keyed.

Simon said:

Hi Bob.

Not sure whether you want to put a message on the blog but I’ve woken up this morning to find my car has been key scratched and two tyres sabotaged meaning I have to get replacements.

Parked outside by house on the Hussey Estate and clearly deliberate damage.


Simon would like to warn other readers about this and is enquiring to see if anyone else suffered similar damage? The Hussey Estate is normally a peaceful place and this seems unusual to me – the damage has cost nearly £500 and seems pointless and unwarranted.

This is a fairly unusual local development and it really does need nipping in the bud as soon as possible. Anyone with information on this particular incident or any others is urged to contact West Midlands Police by dialling 101 or you can speak to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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