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In the past couple of days, reader and local chap Christopher Evans posted the following, wonderful image he’d taken of Morris, the Brownhills Miner at sunset on Facebook here – I think you’ll agree it’s rather wonderful, so thanks to him for that!

I’ve posted it here because I really think this is a great local image and deserves wider publicity!

A stunning, beautiful image of Brownhills by Christopher Evans. A joy to share – thanks!

Christopher’s image has set me thinking: How about developing some positive, funny memes for Brownhills?

Long time twitter pal and wit Liz Shaw posted this some years ago, which I always adored:

Well, it’s sound, ay it?

And on the sunset front, I took this a couple of years ago, and made a meme from it myself:

I was well lucky with this one…
Too right.

So here’s a challenge – lets see your best local images – funny, beautiful or whatever – made into a meme. Keep it positive, but funny is best.

Mail me your works of art – Look forward to what you come up with – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

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  • Jill Manchester

    His name is Jigger!!!

    • Only to a few, and the council.

      Open your ears and to most he’s the Tin Man or Morris.

      The name Jigger is contentious.

      I’ll continue to use my favoured nomenclature :-p



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