Travellers on former Brownhills Market site again


The site of Brownhills Market will soon see building work commence. Imagery from Pete Hummings.

Just a quick note to say that yes, there is an unauthorised encampment on the former market site in Brownhills once more (Friday, 3rd March 2017) and the authorities concerned were informed yesterday evening when the ingress was noted, and are currently dealing with the matter.

Access appears to have been gained from Tesco car park by the removal of wooden posts.

It’s worth pointing out at this stage that the site and the subsequent moving on of the occupants are not the responsibility of Walsall Council, who haven’t owned it for some time. Walsall Housing Group are the owners, who should, following the planning meeting held on Thursday night (page 19 onwards in the linked document) now have full permission for a housing development on the old market site, upon which construction is soon expected to start.

The plan was certainly recommended for approval, and outline permission already granted, so I can’t see why it would be blocked at this stage.

Hopefully that will alleviate the issue at this location.

You can find out about the proposed development at Walsall Council’s planning interactive service here.

This post is for information only.


The development planned for the former Brownhills Market site. Imagery from submitted planning documents. Click for a larger version.

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