Fancy a run tonight?


Once you start, you’ll just keep on running… Image from Chasewater Running Club.

I note from social media that there’s a very active running club in the locality and I just thought I’d sound the headsup for readers, as I know that the sport is increasing in popularity, and many beginners who’ve been enjoying park runs and the like are after clubs to join and improve their skill.

Chasewater Running Club have a run tonight, Wednesday 1st March 2017, departing from the old Police Station in Brownhills (Chester Road North, opposite The Hussey Arms) at 6:30pm.

They said:

Wednesday night runners: Looking forward to seeing you all 6.30pm at Brownhills police station. There will be a variety of distance options from 5K upwards.

Please don’t forget Hi-viz and/or lights are essential 😀
See you there.


You can contact Chasewater Running Club on Facebook here, or try twitter here or even check out their website here.

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