Can you help with this enquiry about a 1970s Brownhills business, please?

Image very generously donated by Peter Booth.

I was hoping the answer may have been captured in some of Peter Booth’s wonderful photography, but sadly not. Image very generously donated by Peter Booth.

Here’s a really curious enquiry I feel sure a reader somewhere will be able to help with – and I think it’s quite interesting too – please help if you can.

Jennifer and John Jones, former residents of Lichfield Road, Brownhills wrote:

Good afternoon

We are trying to find out the name of a firm of solicitors based in High Street Brownhills in the early 1970’s. The solicitors had a branch of the Halifax Building Society in their office. We lived in Lichfield Road Brownhills at the time and used the offices regularly but unfortunately we can’t remember the name. We have lived in North Yorkshire for a few years and have lost all touch with Brownhills and have no surviving relatives there now.

If you are unable to help, please could you suggest anyone we could contact to find out this information?

Kind regards,
Jennifer & John Jones.

I genuinely have no idea – I can only vaguely remember the Halifax – was that the one by the old Post Office, or was that the Heart of England?

Thanks to you both for an interesting enquiry!

If you can help with this, please do: comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

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4 Responses to Can you help with this enquiry about a 1970s Brownhills business, please?

  1. Adrian Bickley says:

    The Halifax was in a small upstairs office located further up the High Street passed Poxons, but lower down than where Higson the optician used to be. Access was through a doorway leading straight up a steep and narrow stairway, which always used to worry me coming down as a small child. The building must still be there, but the frontages have changed so much I can’t say which one it was. I’m not able to help with the name of the solicitor.

  2. DavidMG says:

    I very well remember the Halifax Building Society in Brownhills, because I worked there for a while. It was an agency operated by Rice & Co Chartered Accountants of Cannock.
    It was above Poxons butchers, address I think was 25A High Street, Brownhills.
    It was a one-person office, for many years that one person was Daisy Richardson.
    I worked there for a while immediately after Daisy Richardson retired to keep the facility going. I think that the agency closed in the 1980s, at which point I moved back to Rice & Co main offices in Cannock.

  3. Les Bullock says:

    I think that the solicitors you are looking for were Burrell Davies & Goode
    They were at 25a High St. We lived at 27a which was the flat over Poxons butchers.
    My Mom cleaned there in the evening for a while. I remember going in there with her and swivelling round on the big office chairs.

  4. Les Bullock says:

    I also remember the Halifax sign. It was right outside my bedroom window. My Dad had to climb out to oil it when it started squeaking.

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