Anybody found a bassett-type dog in Brownhills?


Circulating on Facebook: looks like a lovely girl.

A quick shout out for a lost dog in Ogley Road Brownhills yesterday (Monday, 6th October 2014), the appeal is circulating on Facebook and came to me via Jackie Moore:

Hello Bob

The missing dog’s name is Narla.

My names April,  and I’m the one looking for the missing dog, well me and around 30 other family and friends.

It’s my number advertised on the poster, and I’m just adding some more information about her – she will not bite but may growl if she feels threatened.  She also has a fresh scar under her belly from recently being neutered.  Narla is micro chipped so we are just hoping someone hands her in as we have a very upset and have a very  sad 3 year old. so any information could you either ring or text that number or email me via either yahoo or facebook.

thank you

She is a rescue dog, very shy and I believe she is microchipped. She lives in Lindon drive normally but her owners are away on holiday that’s why she was at Ogley Road, so may possibly go back there.

Reward if found!

Lost from Brownhills and 2:30pm, Monday 6th October 2014.

Kids and owner in bits – please help!

Any information call 07432531398

If you can add to this issue, please do comment or mail me: Brownhillsbob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

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  1. Has the dog been reported on doglost ? Also local vets, rosedene kennels ,
    sunny side etc ?

    • Hi, it’s been reported to the Council, on K9 search, and the owners were calling Hillmans and Sunnyside. A passing EHO – David Matthews – checked if the warden had a dog in, but apparently not.


  2. Elaine Massey says:

    Any news on this poor fella?

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