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Hi folks – I’m a wee bit busy at the moment, so postings aren’t quite the usual weekend fare, but I thought this was a good opportunity to draw readers attention to some great blogs that have excellent articles at the moment. I do love to read other folks work, and recommend it here when I can.

First up is Mike Stackhouse – a long time reader and commenter here, Mike is a good friend of the blog, and has contributed to lots of different historical threads – not least unlocking the history of the Middleton House Club, and his recollections of being a pupil at Watling Street School.

Mike started his own blog, which is well worth a read. He’s casting his net quite widely, and there’s some lovely photographs there, as well as his careful research and heartfelt memories.

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Mike Stackhouse has created a fine blog. Click on the screenshot to pop over and take a look..

While I’m at it, Susan Marie Ward, longstanding friend, reader and writer of some of the most intimate, gorgeous local family memories around has a new post up, and it’s rather good. Do check it out – Susan is just about the best writer in that vein I know, and her posts are always devoured with joy here.

I know many of the readers are fans and I’d really like to get Susan the exposure she deserves.

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Lambs – appropriate for spring! Click on the screenshot to visit the post.

Thirdly, Walsall Council Wildlife whizz Morgan Bowers has created a fine account of the wildlife she discovered on a recent survey of Brownhills Common in the area where recent heathland restoration has been undertaken. Already, only a few weeks since the clearance of two conifer plantations, the discovery of Clark’s Mining Bees in the freshly turned earth is a wonderful thing indeed. Please do read this post; with the Friends of Brownhills Common meeting taking place tomorrow, this really does show the passion and reasoning behind the work.

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Check out other posts by Morgan while you’re there. She really is a wildlife wonder! Click on the screenshot to read her post about Brownhills Common.

Finally, the ubiquitous plug for Lichfield Lore and my hero Kate ‘Cardigan’ Gomez – this is how interactive local history should be done. Kate continues to post at a fearsome rate, and has recently posted some great material about Walsall and Wolverhampton. With her excellent, renowned blog and also the collaborative, publicly engaged project that is Lichfield Discovered, both Kate and her co-conspirator Dave Moore are doing brilliant things, and I admire them and their work a great deal.

Now, if only someone could coax Lorenzor out of hibernation to restart the genius and seminal Tamworth Time Hikes, everything would be just perfect…

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Lichfield Lore is taking history to the people, and remains an inspiration to me. Click here to read Kate’s latest post.

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  1. mickysix says:

    Hi bob.
    Thank you for the plug you upt my 9fold. Thank you again for inspiring me to do it, i only wanted to get my life story down, but find myself being pulled in a varity of different ways, and although i’m retired, i don’t have enough time to search everything out.HOW DO YOU DO IT? I will endeavour to get it all down, about going to Central ,working for R.F on the A5 (gocarting and all) Marbello and Duras, Young Barber etc etc. I am working on the time i spent at Marlboro Childrens Hospital, but when i started the story the Manu story took over. Many thanks

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