The city I love…


I love the wit in Birmingham’s subcultures. Mario, is that yow ar kidder?

Yes, I love Brownhills, and I’m very fond of Walsall and Lichfield too. But there will always be a special place in my heart for Birmingham – like most kids who grew up in Brownhills, I hopped on the Midland Red and developed an attachment to Brum as a teenager. Working there, passing through, after decades I still adore the place.

Sorely maligned, this wonderful city has so much to offer. Visiting early yesterday before it got too busy, the first thing I did was visit a high multi-storey car park to catch the view in the beautiful morning sun. Afterwards, a little shopping, the German Market, big wheel and new library.

I’m not a fan of the exterior of the new one, but inside, despite the clear corner-cutting in construction, it’s very much a temple to learning, and I was very impressed. The views from the terrace garden are incredible. It’s a great asset.

It was liberating to visit without the bike once in a while, but the crowds soon got to me, and having done my shopping I returned home happy.

As ever, loads more of this stuff on my 365daysofbiking journal.

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