Up the Villa!

Boys’ Brigade Football Team 1960/61, at Villa Park. Image kindly supplied by David ‘Eddy’ Edwards.

I’ve been a bit busy in the last 24 hours, but here’s a nice one to be going on with. his lovely footballing image of the 1st Walsall Wood Boys’ Brigade team was supplied by reader and contributor to the blog, David ‘Eddy’ Edwards, who features in it.

David wrote:

Hello Bob

For those who maybe interested here is a photo of the 1st Walsall Wood Boys’ Brigade League & Cup winning football team from season 1960/61.

If it comes through the members are…

John Aspley, Chris Sweet, Dave Edwards(me), Jim Smith, Roger Faulkner, Dave Greenwood, ? Stokes.

D Craven, ? Harvey(muffin), John Heath, Barry Evans, G Sedgewick.

The photo was taken in the dressing rooms at Villa Park after the Cup Final of 1961.

Dave (Eddy) Edwards

I’d be interested to know what folk remember of this event – playing at Villa Park must have been a great experience for the lads. Was it a one off, or a yearly thing? Did any other local teams take part?

Thanks to David, as always, feel free to comment or BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

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  1. Trevor says:

    Hi everyone,
    This was not a one off Bob, The Ist Walsall Wood Boys Brigade won the Birmingham Battalion Football Competion 11 years in a row and the Cup 10 years in a row under the guidance of Jim Smith. The Cup Final was always played at Villa Park in late May. it was a great thrill for all the young lads to use the dressing rooms and baths of the away team at Villa Park . just think of the players that had graced that dressing room. Billy Wright . Stanley Mathews etc .The lads from the Wood also won the Birmingham Band Competition almost every year in the late fifties and early Sixties under the guidence of ken Whitehouse . Our Company the 1st Walsall Wood Led the Sunday Marches in Birmingham. The Band also led the Parade through Walsall on one of the Queens visits to Walsall in 1960 or 1961 . The Boys from the Wood have a proud history from those years . Thanks Eddy for posting super Photo .
    Kind Regards Trev. Hovis Brown

  2. Pedro says:

    Well would you believe it? A couple of days ago we were reading about Cecil Poyton, the forgotten footballer from Brownhills, and his involvement with Tottenham Hotspur. Spurs won the League and FA Cup in 1961, but that was of course after Cyril’s time.

    But now we have do have a 1961 Double winner, David “Eddy”Edwards!

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