Can you help date these pictures?

Here’s a very unusual post and quick request for help with a couple of images from the Express & Star photographic archives. Readers may well be aware that there’s an appeal running to support the newspaper’s plan to digitise the many thousands of photos in their archive and get them online as a resource accessible to historians and the public alike.

To support this, a new twitter account has been created – @ESphotoArchive – which has been tweeting some interesting pictures from days gone by to spark public interest. The two images below were tweeted this morning, and there’s uncertainty on the dates of both. If readers can help with this, both I and the photo archive people would appreciate it.

I might not always see eye to eye with the Express & Star but this is a hugely worthwhile project I think the local history community should get behind. The job of scanning and making available such resources is a massive but very important task.

Please comment on this post or mail me at BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks.


An undated image of Lichfield market square, thought to be early 60s. Any insights? Image courtesy of the Express & Star picture archive and posted on twitter.


A locomotive and brake van wait on the line beside Rugeley Power Station. Originally thought to be dated 1987, now thought to be 1967 as Rugeley B was comissioned in 1970. Can anyone shed any further light? Image courtesy of the Express & Star picture archive and posted on twitter.

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10 Responses to Can you help date these pictures?

  1. Bill Breakwell says:

    Hi Bob
    I remember the buildings going up it was around 67-68.
    I was working for a Walsall firm Simms and Short as a van driver delivering cable and other electrical goods daily.if my memory serves me well the main contractor was Gleeson.

  2. JPG says:

    Bob, the Lichfield image is open to two posssibilties and only closer examination would get it better, therefore if the building next to the pub was a Launderette it would date somewhere between 1966 – 1968. The shop ” johnsons” closed in 1968. Longs on the lefthand side is still busy so that would be pre-1968 as well

  3. Clive says:

    I for one would gladly pay for access to these photos. Good luck with the project.

  4. Not an expert but that vw is about 1966 based on the screen and the scheme. It looks in good nick so probably not that old

    • Peter says:

      Aiden, Good evening. The VW Transporter in the picture (maybe more widely known as the Campervan) was VW’s second “car”! And was called the T2, the T1 of course being the beetle. I think you’re about right with the date. The T2 as shown in the picture stopped production in 1967 / 68? The grille is quite distinctive from the first T2’s built and is for sure a T2 “mark 2”.
      A side view would reveal a lot more regarding it’s age, but sadly we don’t have much to go on apart from the front.
      All the best


  5. stymaster says:

    You’re both correct about the VW. Production finished in around 1967. I was trying to recognise the car in front of it.

  6. The VW “Split screen is indeed the earlier model of the Type2. I own a 1978 Bay window the later version. As said looks to be in good nick. Not all where campers, i see side windows and the back hatch is open. It could simply be a mini bus type. Yes produced from the 1950’s to 68.

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  9. David Simmonds says:

    Hi my name is David Simmonds I was a Site Engineer on the Rugeley B Power Station steelwork erection project the dates were 1966-1968 when the steelwork was erected.
    I was looking for photos of the power station steelwork construction for my own reference and I come across this one.

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