Curiosity killed the video star

Here’s a few clips of passing interest spotted on YouTube. I keep an eye out for these, and I thought I’d bundle these together as they’re relevant to recent topics discussed here on the blog.

First up, Karting at the Chasewater track before it was demolished for the M6 Toll. Judging by the excellent quality of the film, but still extant stadium occasionally visible, I’d say this was mid 1990s. It looks like it’s great fun.

The clip was posted by Alex Pirozek.

Next, a clip from Anthony Barrett of motocross scrambling at Wharf Lane, near Chasewater, a well loved facility also sacrificed for the new motorway. Some great shots here of the track and countryside. The video se

I’ve covered the Wharf Lane track before, and welcome further comments or recollections.

Finally, in the wee small hours of this morning, I spotted these two odd little clips. Amazing what people capture. A remarkable little film which connects beautifully with my post from yesterday. I find it oddly evocative. It was uploaded by user Fleetline119.

The same user has lots of similar clips – including this curious one of busses in Walsall town centre in 1976. Do pop along to Fleetline119’s channel and check them out.

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  1. Clive says:

    Brings back some old memorys. Cheers.

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