Endless, numbered days

Look, I’ll be honest. The sun’s out, and so am I, as I was yesterday, so I prepared a ride cam for the vicarious cyclists out there – the lanes and countryside were gorgeous. I felt awake, alive and truly content on the bike for the first time since the great snow ride in January.

This route runs from Chase Terrace, near Sankeys Corner, along National Cycle Route 5 to Chorley. Here, I leave the cycle route, heading north through Chorley, Cresswell Green, Shute Hill, Stoneywell, Farewell, Longdon Green and Hanch to Hanch Hall, near Seedy Mill.

I consider the stretch from Shute Hill to Longdon Green to be ‘Longdon Edge’, and it’s a lovely, challenging, roller coaster ride. The final stretch past the bridge is Hanch – area of Hanch Hall and Lysways House – names common with Highgate in Walsall. The commonality was explored here last year.

Spring days like this always feel endless, yet they are limited, and numbered. Beautiful.

More details of the ride on my 365daysofbiking journal.

It was great. The oilseed rape is out, flowers are in bloom and spring is with us. Long may it reign.

The video is speeded up about two and a half times, and the music is Baka Beyond, ‘Migrations’, a remarkable piece from brilliant musicians.


Stonywell, 4:05pm, Sunday, 5th May 2013.

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  1. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    …super cycling video! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Many thanks

  2. billellens says:

    Hi Bob enjoyed the video

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