Narnia, in Stubbers Green

This morning, on Twatter, good friend @ChisDavies1 from darkest Pelsall posted a picture of an unusual ice formation on bushes at Stubbers Green. It was so remarkable, that it piqued my interest; this afternoon, in a low, late winter sun, I went to check it out.

It is, of course, caused by sub-zero temperatures. But the prime genesis is a burst water main under the Stubbers Green Road, just near the pools. Passing traffic splashes the free supply of fresh water over the roadside scrub, whereupon it freezes and has formed the most remarkable display.

People were driving by just to photograph it. If you can, pop and have a look tomorrow. I’ve not really seen anything like it before.

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  1. Trevor Brown says:

    Makes me shiver, Trevor in AUS

  2. Neil says:

    There is a similar frozen bush in Pinfold Lane, near Barr Beacon. It looks like it’s been lifted straight from Narnia and demonstrates just how chilly this cold spell is.

  3. Graeme Fisher says:

    I saw something similar last February in Herefordshire, where the cycle of freeze and thaw had created a spectacular landscape. The crowning glory was a silver birch that, due to the delicate nature if its’ branches, had such a fine icy coat, made me stop the car to look at it.

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