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Here’s one that’ll be useful for anyone working with community or voluntary groups who’s looking to better use the net and social media in particular. I know lots of local groups would find this useful.


Coffee Comforts is a great new independent coffee shop in Walsall, right where the Tandy Store used to be. Image from their website.

Walsall Social Media Surgery is a free, informal advice surgery being held in Walsall this evening at Coffee Comforts at the foot of Tameway Tower, on the corner of Bridge Street and Goodall Street. It all kicks off at 6:30pm and runs until 8:00pm.

When you get there, you’ll find loads of friendly techie types full of free, informal advice, ready to help you gat more engaged through social media. Dan Slee, from Walsall Council’s press office is involved and he’s a decent and helpful chap.

The organisers had this to say:

A social media surgery is a pretty informal gathering of people who want to learn how to use the web to communicate, campaign or collaborate. They are deliberately relaxed. You will get to sit alongside someone who understands good ways to use the internet and they’ll show you useful free tools. If you like what you see they can help you set up your own.

Are you interested in using blogs, text messages, Facebook, Twitter and other free web sites to help a group or organisation that you belong to? Do you already have a web site for your organisation that is difficult or expensive to update? Are you looking for an easier way to promote your activities or to share information, photos and videos online? Walsall Social Media Surgery is a free advice session for community and voluntary groups, clubs, societies and small arts organisations. Come along to find out how you can use free web sites and services to organise activities, promote events, raise funds, collect feedback from your participants and keep a record of everything you do.

You’ll get practical hands-on advice for putting social technology into action for your cause, to help you reach a wider audience and promote the good work you do. No boring speeches, no jargon. If you’re at all curious, come along.

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