Positively palatial

Sadly, the fence stops me getting a good shot, but… wow. Castings are really looking after their cyclists! Before anyone says anything, this was at 6pm on a Saturday, when few were at work…

Following the vexed debate here in recent weeks about appropriate parking for bicycles, I had this comment in from reader R. Nuttall that may have dipped under the radar of a few readers, and I think it bears repeating.

R. Nuttall said the following:

I have read all the posts re. Tesco and cycle racks and I have actually looked for and found the pathetic effort outside the front door on the pavement edge.

To see how a cycle facility for visitors should really look you need only cycle along Lichfield Rd to the last building on your left before the canal. Castings PLC have provided their staff with a superb facility. It is a very strong structure the shape of a small ‘nissen hut ‘. But the frame is solid and painted to match the factory building. It is completely roofed with clear plastic sheeting and therefore has all round weather protection. And, proper parking for what looks like about 30 plus bikes. It’s ‘champion’ as they would say where I come from.

The only sad reflection of our times is that they have had to stick a security fence round with a padlock. No doubt, opened at start/finish time or shift changes or on demand by request. As I don’t have the facility, perhaps you could arrange a quick photo for posterity if you think fit and for all to see, particularly someone in authority from Tesco. By the way, I am an observer purely from travelling Lichfield Rd regularly – I am nothing to do with Castings PLC.

Well, it gives me great pleasure, and well spotted. Castings, of course, have been featured here before for their remarkable promotional video. They are one of the largest employers locally, and it’s good to see them looking after their biking staff so well. I like it very much, and best of luck to them.

I also noticed that St. James School (formerly Ogley Hay) have a similar bike shed. How fantastic is that?

Nice to see a local school promoting cycling for a change. A very des-res.

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