The Chase is on

A couple for the armchair cyclists… filmed yesterday. I had to go to the bike shop, Swinnertons, on Cannock Chase at Birches Valley. They close at 5pm. I left at 4pm. The journey is a little over 11 miles, and involves a nice downhill run through Birches Valley. I normally avoid busy areas of the Chase in summer, due to the concentration of pedestrians and dogs – I’m no trail hog, but they can be problematic. It is, of course, their place too, so I tend to leave this bit to grey days, winter or evening times.

I’m presenting these two films in reverse order, as they work better that way. Here’s the Birches Valley stretch. This is filmed at normal speed. Note that I do warn all trail users of my approach with a cheery greeting, and thank them after I pass, but it still doesn’t prevent some doing the rabbit-in-headlights thing. Look out for the guy on the aerial rope walk near the end, and the chaps with a bike trailer collecting orienteering posters.

The music is ‘Suite: Judy Blue Eyes’ by Crosby, Stills & Nash, written for Judy Collins.

This is the entirety of the journey to Marquis Drive from Brownhills High Street. Speeded up by 525%, it’s nearly 7 minutes long. Nearly every junction was with me. Average speed abut 17-18miles an hour. At normal speed, it’s about 35 minutes, a lot of which is uphill.

Note the bit on the trail near the old RAF Hednesford where I miss the turning. That’s because I was singing out loud to REM. It’s not big, certainly not pleasant, but it’s the truth…

Music is the divine ‘Water from a Vineleaf’ by William Orbit, featuring the voice of Beth Orton.

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  1. JeepBoy says:

    Max respect for Beth Orton track 🙂

  2. JeepBoy says:

    Super Pinky Mandy was her best album ( save Central Reservation) strange its never had a back-release in the UK

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