A local lost and found – can you help?

A trip or call to Walsall Local History Centre is always worthwhile. Top people doing a fine job. Picture from Walsall Council.

Reader Glenys Brookes has been back in touch recently. You’ll remember that Glenys was interested in researching the history of the Lloyd family of Walsall Wood, and blog readers really excelled themselves with good, solid research.

It seems that the story is slowly developing, and Glenys would like a bit more help if possible, please.

Hi Bob,

Are you quite well as no blogs for last 2 days?

 Hi Glenys. Yes, I’m fine, cheers. I’ve just been very busy at work. Normal service will resume shortly, I promise.

To return to the Lloyds of Walsall Wood and Brownhills, if I may. You’ll remember granddad John was a local benefactor and councillor for Brownhills, whilst dad Alfred moved to London re-marrying with us trying to find out what happened to previous wife Jane (Adkins, father Henry who was a butcher on Lichfield Road, now High Street Walsall Wood). Gwendolin Mary, their daughter also seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth.

Dear Annie and John came to Walsall a few weekends ago to visit sites of interest regarding John’s family. Both in Walsall Wood and Brownhills.They were so pleased to find John snr and his wife Mary’s grave at Brookland Road cemetery. A very fine gravestone stands by a holly tree.

Now, desperation… we have been unable to find any trace of Jane or Gwendolin after 1913. Also, is there anyone out there who knows where the Walsall Wood electoral registers of 1913 – 1935 are located, if at all? Lichfield registery office have not responded to my request…

I know this is a very specific request of your readers and there are more pressing issues re: flasher, drains, etc. but the Lloyds are planning another visit soon and were so pleased at the previous responses which clarified addresses and background information to enable them to have a wonderful experience in Walsall and Brownhills.

You’re quite welcome, Glenys. The readers and I certainly enjoy a research challenge…

I am so hoping for the jet stream to move and give us some respite from the inclement weather.

I look out of my window and imagine the cyclist passing is you. But, for now, you must remain a mystery!

Thanks for the heads up on the Aldridge bus extravaganza. My 4 year old grandson was in seventh heaven. He loves travelling on buses, but for some unknown reason has an aversion to the number 7. 7a is apparently ok though? He loved travelling on the ‘REALLY old buses, nana’

With very best wishes


So, if anyone can help, please do shout up. Glenys, I trust that you’ve tried Walsall Local History Centre for the electoral registers? The trouble with the demise of the U.D.C. is that the records were spread far and wide, and the dissolution wasn’t very tidy, what with the boundary change and all.

Anyone who can help, please do comment here or mail me at BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.


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  1. Roger Jones says:

    There is a Walsall marriage in 1929 …. Gwendolyn M Lloyd to Frederick Shenton ref. Mar qtr 1929 Walsall 6b 1020

    Another in Birmingham in 1933 …. Gwendolyn M Lloyd to Alfred L Cooper ref. Sep 1933 Birmingham 6d 546

  2. Clive says:

    Hi Glenys. I believe you will find the Electral registers for Walsall Wood for the time period 1918 to 1954 under Cannock, they are archived at Staffordshire record office, East gate street, Stafford. phone 01785 278379
    Good luck Clive

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