A foreign affair…

One often hears talk of the G.I. brides – the ladies who married American servicemen serving here during the last war – this local tale, ferreted out by reader David Evans, adds a new twist. It was originally published in the Black Country Bugle in 1996. Since then, sadly, Majorie has sadly passed away, but Bob is still apparently in rude health. Did you know Bob or Marjorie Barry (nee Harrison)? Does any reader have anything to add? It’s a lovely story.

David said this in his email:

Hi Bob

I think your readers might like to see this Black Country Bugle article . There is a connection, too, with one of the “Men of the Wood” retiree bowlers whose photo you have published recently. Sadly, Marjorie died recently but Bob is still active and enjoying the Australian sunshine.

I hope other Second World War stories come to light in due course.

kind regards

David Evans

From the Black Country Bugle, June 1996. Scan supplied by reader David Evans. Click for a larger version.
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  1. Trevor Brown says:

    Hi from Down Under, I lived at 216 Litchfield Rd Shire Oak Hill, I was real pleased to receive the other day a email from David Evans who by the way has helped me get back in contact with my old school mates, Boys Brigade mates and also helped me find my Best-man who we lost contact with over 40 years ago, Back to the Email David sent me about the above story, The Barry’s lived next door to us for a while and I remember him as a very happy fellow always full of life, My Wife and I from the Wood have lived in Australia for 30 years now and love the weather and lifestyle here but I really miss the country Lanes around Stonnell Castle Hill area etc, I also notice on Google Earth how many places that the councils etc have planted so many trees and every where looks so much greener that it did when I was a kid.
    Regards Trevor Brown.

  2. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    readers may like to look at the photo of the Men of the Wood retiree bowlers..and may see the resembance between Marjorie and her brother Joe Harrison. He’s third from the right, on the back row, and was quite an accomplished bowler!

    kind regards
    David Evans

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