Gentlemen of the press?

Just a quick heads up; I know this is off-topic for the Brownhills Blog, but events of the last few days have been momentous and I’ve spotted some brilliant snippets from around the media that are worth sharing with the readers.

First of all, The Plastic Hippo has written a great post on the subject of the morals and demise of the News of the World; I don’t agree with his final statement but he makes an intelligent, incisive analysis which is well worth reading.

Screwed 1843 was a mixed year in publishing. The rather good Economist was founded and Dickens published A Christmas Carol. On the downside, October 1 saw the first edition of the News of the World. Now, it seems, all human life will no longer be at that publication. There are those that postulate the theory that the theatrical decision to shut down the NOTW was taken as a response to the growing disgust of the public at revelations of phone hacking… Read More

via The Plastic Hippo

Steve Coogan – an actor and comedian whose work I’ve never really enjoyed – together with media old hand Greg Dyke tore tabloid journalist Paul McMullen to shreds last night on Newsnight. Remember, listening to people’s voicemail is ‘…the best way to find out the truth.’ I’m sure you’re as surprised as I am that interfering with a missing girl’s voicemail during a police inquiry is to be considered a valid journalistic technique.

Finally, John Finnemore, a comedian and satirist I’ve featured here before, is always good for incisive commentary. On last night’s Now Show on Radio 4, he made some startlingly prescient points.

For those wondering where the pictures from the past feature is this week, this weekend I’m having a shake around in the usual schedule. I’m currently working on the next post in the Walsall Wood subsidence series and the old pictures will be posted tomorrow.

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  1. Andy says:

    As far as I’m concerned the NOTW journos should spend their last pay packet on some good strong rope from B&Q

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