Who lived in a house like this?

Situtated at the fenced off, disused Lichfield Road entrance to Sandhills Quarry, I spotted this derelect, boarded up bungalow. Anyone know the story? Who lived here? What was it used for, if not a dwelling? 5:36pm, Sunday, 15th May 2011.

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  1. Exile says:

    In the 70’s a family lived there, with a couple of young boys. Not sure if there was some connection with the Quarry. But the house has been empty since the 80’s.
    My wife believes that a Mrs Street lived there in the 50’s – she was a Bradbury ( member of the Brownhills Bradbury family) when single.

  2. Paul Ford says:

    A Guy called ‘TARMAC’ posted this on http://www.trucknetuk.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=44142&start=270

    “Shire Oak Quarry was purchased by Hoveringham in 1963, previously owned by W.Northey of Erdington, who had owned it since 1932. Processing Sand & Gravel into the Birmingham and West Midlands Area since the 1920’s, of course later owned by Tarmac, processing ceased in the late 1990’s as reserves were exhausted.”

    I checked the OS plans. In 1919 the bungalows are not marked, but they are on the 1938 revised issue. They all seem to be built from around 1920 onwards – through to the 40s. I can’t find a plan or reference in the building plan register that is definately the property in question just by glancing – i would have to go through them which i dont have time to do sadly (none have Northey’s name on for instance – so may not be anything to do with quarry, but its location made me suspect that it was)

    We have Brownhills electoral registers from 1955 onwards, so if the bungalow was in private hands i could check if i have a name or number for the property. The Streets were in number 20 in 1955.

  3. stymaster says:

    Generally speaking, bungalows are unusual before 1920, so that makes sense.

  4. Thank you Paul for another fine contribution. I love the way you just wing this stuff and do guerilla research spontaneously on our behalf. You are the very embodiment of the spirit and fine work done by the team at Walsall Local History Centre – the whole team, Ruth, Stuart, yourself – all do such fantastic, valuable work and this blog wouldn’t be what it is without you folks.

    I will look into this more next week – it was just a chance thing; I’ve been ‘aware’ of the property for years without really taking it in. The 30 days of biking thing has encouraged me to look at stuff I pass everyday and investigate. I’m hugely encouraged by the reader interest in something that , frankly, I considered to be a bit lightweight. Just goes to show…

    Thanks again to you, Paul, and to all who contribute and make this rambling, festering ramshackle pile of rantage exactly what it is.



  5. D.Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    Long time ago Mr and Mrs Street lived there. Liliane worked in Bradbury’s shop on Brownhills High Street, Clifford was an osteopath.
    Then when the quarry took over the building a Mr and Mrs Pool lived there. Marlene worked at the BRD, Barry worked in the quarry.
    The last people who lived there were an “interesting family”..but no details were forthcoming
    Sources; two immediate present and past neighbours, and my wife!
    with kind regards

  6. D.Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    re;- your other derelict cottage, in Footherly..sorry I don’t know how to pin comments on this photo.. An old man, Mr Horton, lived there in the 60s, early 70s. and used to sell some of his garden vegetables..He would put what he had to sell on the front garden wall. His little dog had a very big bark..and sharp teeth! There was an old car, perhaps an 1100, inside the barn at the side of the cottage. I used to buy good fresh vegetable from the chap..and can vouch for the sharpness of the dog’s teeth.
    He was a kindly old chap.. I remember him for his rolled up shirt sleeves, belt and braces, you know the sort of “old timer”.
    with kind regards, D.Evans

  7. Rebecca cashmore says:

    Hi bob ,

    I couldn’t believe it when I saw your photo of my dads old house on your website …My dad lived in that bungalow for years , in the early 90’s . He worked for Tarmac and moved out in 97 , I don’t think anybody else lived there afterwards ….My dad passed away in 2001 , so I looked up his old house , to see if it was still there . it’s quite sad to see it all boarded up . Rebecca

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  9. Ian Broad says:

    I lived there from 1974 aged 8 [one of the two young boys mentioned earlier!] until I was 15yrs old.
    I’ve posted a few comments on the other post about the house called ‘no one at home’.
    No one has commented about the amazing gardens / tennis court and orchards that were once there.. anyone know about these?

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