Supporting our veterans: A military historian is to skydive for charity!

A few weeks ago, I featured here a very popular article about a local late-Victorian era soldier from Brownhills from an engaging, enthusiastic and interesting man: Isaac Marklew Brown. His fascinating research and supporting material on the history of soldier Thomas Marklew who was from Brownhills was a wonderful article and has been one of the most read articles on the blog in 2020.

With that in mind I implore readers to consider giving to Isaac’s appeal – this is no idle bit of can rattling: He’s actually doing a tandem skydive, which has to be worth a donation, and the best bit is it’s for a variety of veteran’s charities who’ve been really suffering during this year’s pandemic unpleasantness.

The jump is self-funded too, so all donations got to the charities!

I’ll let Isaac explain – you can find out more by visiting the donation page here, which has the full details and a great explanation of the charities he’s splitting the money between.

The total currently stands at £195.50, and I hope we can increase that significantly amongst the blog readership. Donation through Virgin Money giving is safe and easy.

Isaac wrote:

What a brave endeavour for a fine cause! Click on image to visit the fundraising page.

Hi Bob

Although I’m not from Brownhills, my family were.

Do you think it would be possible to raise awareness and support for a two charities I am trying to help on your platform? I think the cause of PTSD and supporting limbless veterans is essential and shouldn’t just apply to my area.

You are the only person I know that has such a large audience available to you. This is totally up to you.

I’ve got 44 days left of funding time until my event. I think it’s worth sharing to as many people as I could. We all have a duty to help in these hard times.Thank you!

You can donate safely  and find out more on the event charity giving page by clicking here.

Kind Regards,

Isaac posted on the donation page:

Our veterans are the pride of the Nation. Through your kindness today we can make a change to our heroes’ lives.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic our veterans are struggling. This has affected many charities and has had a huge impact on veterans nationwide.

Both Blesma (The limbless veterans charity) and Combat Stress (For veterans’ mental health) are essential services to veterans helping them with their rehabilitation and a better future.

In January 2021 I will be taking part in a Tandem skydive from a height of 13,000 ft. This is a great way to raise funds for our heroes who are both physically and mentally affected by their injuries. By supporting me you can play a part in helping those who were prepared to give their lives to serve in our armed forces.

Together lets help these heroes.

I promise you that 100% of your donation will go towards helping those wounded in conflict to have a better future . These are vital services that lack sufficient funding.

Please will you assist me?

This event is self funded.

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