Beware of localised flooding, folks!

Hit this at speed and it’s goodnight Vienna. Thanks to Stephen Hill for the pic.

You can tell it’s spring – the rain is getting warmer, and it seems we’re having quite a bit of it at the moment.

After heavy rain overnight, beware of localised flooding – here in the dip by the restaurant and garage at Chester Road, Stonnall it’s very bad and quite deep as shown in this photo by old friend of the blog Stephen Hill, but also reports of standing, deep water at Green Lane Walsall Wood and Slackey Lane Goscote.

Beware particularly in rural areas like Mill Lane, Stonnall and near the Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas.

Beware driving through floodwater – it can conceal all manner of unseen horrors, and if part of a river flow can easily sweep cars away. If your car has a low air intake, getting water into the engine will kill it.

Take care folks, thanks to Stephen for the tipoff and if you’re out and find a flood do let us know.

I’ll have webbed feet if this carries on…


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  1. Tim Kitchen says:

    Great April Fools, well I hope it is as some of it sounds like a good idea especially the lake!T

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