Back to the 90s


A curious bit of early 1990s video posted on YouTube by Craig Niven.

Just a quick one spotted on YouTube by friend of the blog Jayne Preston today – a most curious bit of video, recorded in July, 1992.

The video posted by user Craig Niven seems to be connected with local police at the time – almost 25 years ago – and shows Lichfield mainly, although late on there’s a very interesting trip down Brownhills High Street and into the car park at the back of Brownhills Police Station which was then still fully.operational.

Fans of cars of the period and the long, thankfully lost Austin Montego – may also find some gold in there. Anyone any idea where the lanes are the police were filming in?

Thanks of the spot, Jayne, that took me right back.

Comments invited – either here, or to BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Mind how you go, now.

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5 Responses to Back to the 90s

  1. aerreg says:

    hi bob re the lichfield photo i think you will find its dam street looking toward the market place the location on the left in my day was the vets steelboger bottom right hand corner the entrance to minster pool walk brigemans yard was further down on the left MEB office on the right a little shop i recall in the old days was the sowing maids a touch of victorian days the other photo and vidio chester road north alias woodbine terrace thanks for the memory god bles

  2. Les Bullock says:

    Just saw my dads Austin Marina parked outside Mom and Dads flat at Park View, next door to the police station

  3. mrdoops says:

    Are the lanes not down at Wall/Hilton – Bullmoor Lane perhaps?

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