Rest in peace Adrian Wigley

Courtesy of friend of the blog Marie Morris (That’s Reg’s daughter), it’s my sad duty to report that Adrian Wigley, brownhills musician, charity fundraiser and sometime world record holder passed away at 12:50am this morning.

Adrian will be remembered particularly for playing the electric organ with his tongue, which earned him a place in the Guinnesss Book of Records:


An unusual record, it has to be said: but Adrian was always doing something for charity. Image from Google Books.

Adrian was also mentioned in the BBC Domesday project:

Adrian Wigley of Brownhills has an unusual way of raising money for charity. He plays the organ with his nose and tongue.

He noticed that it had never been done before and so he gave it a try, first of all using his nose. Following this success he then learned to play the organ using his tongue.

His work has received public recognition. He appeared on BBC
Television on 1st March 1984, and in 1986 his achievement of playing the organ six hours with his nose and two hours with his tongue will be included in the Guinness Book of Records.

He has raised money for many charities and this year the proceeds will be given to the Childrens’ Hospital in Birmingham. He hopes shortly to play the organ with his elbow.

Adrian was a real character, and will be sadly missed by his family, friends and acquaintances that were used, as I was, to seeing him around Brownhills.

David Platt said:

Just heard the sad news of the passing of local Brownhills entertainer Adrian Wigley.

As a child growing up he played a part in most our families lives with his link to the Dolric.

Always the comic, from playing the piano-organ with various parts of his anatomy to the giggles with Dave Poxon when gracing the Dolric stage on big show nights.

For such a small bloke he had a huge personality and was always game for a laugh.

Whilst he will be sadly missed, the angels up above are in for some rib tickling entertainment.

God bless you Adrian and keep the music playing xx RIP.

My condolences. As soon as I have funeral details, I’ll post them here.

The following post was shared on Facebook by Charl Plant, who said:

Local legend Adrian Wigley R.I.P mate 💔 make sure u watch to the end typical Ade

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11 Responses to Rest in peace Adrian Wigley

  1. Les Bullock says:

    Sad news. Well remember Adrian appearing on Opportunity Knocks. RIP

  2. He was one of our local characters…. R I P

  3. Michael Turner says:

    I took you to hospital quite a few times, in the past, Aidrian…as you always reminded me whenever you saw me….Rest In Peace, and keep the party going up in heaven……

  4. Pat Coton (nee Hodgkins) says:

    R.I.P. Adrian, always a smile and a chat. Long may you be remembered xx

  5. Hayward/Hartshorne says:

    Friend for many years. You will not be forgotten Ade. Keep tinkling those ivories up there xx

  6. Glyn Mainwaring says:

    RIP Adrian we always had some laughs, I remember the times you used to play the keyboards at different venues in Brownhills, and I used to DJ as Glyn Russell. They were happy times and you always made people laugh. I didn’t know you were ill Adrian because I now live in Derby, but Brownhills will be missing one of its true characters. Keep the party going Adrian you will be missed mate

  7. Edwina. says:

    Sad news indeed and the end of an era. A nice man who had time for anyone and everyone. May you R.I.P. and God bless.

  8. aerreg says:

    sad to hear of the passing on of adrian we were kids together when lived as a boy in first avenue up the building as we called it i was born round the corner 113 lichfield road his parents a lovely couple R IP ADRIAN another page in the book of old brownhills god bless

  9. Ade Reid says:

    Rest in piece mate One of lifes true characters.Brownhills has always produced some great people and Adrian was one of them..

  10. Peter Leek says:

    Brownhills as lost a true Legend in Adrian, always willing to stop and have a chat about The Villa, my truck driving or my Soul nights. Can remember him gettin everyone singing on the coach trips from various clubs to the seaside. he’ll be sadly missed R.I.P. mate

  11. Mick barnaby says:

    New Adrian well played with my uncle Derek barnaby great musician should have gone further rip adrian

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