A very close shave on Brownhills High Street

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The horrifying moment a lady is nearly hit by a turning lorry in Brownhills High Street recently. Image from a dascam clip by AutoElite.Biz.

AutoElite, the vehicle security and audio specialists from Shenstone have kindly allowed me to share this alarming video on the blog which was recently recorded on their dashcam, showing a lady walking along the pavement by Farmfoods in Brownhills, when the rear of a container lorry, apparently turning into Brickiln Street, nearly hits her.

Thankfully, the lady noticed and managed to take evasive action – but were this someone less aware of their surroundings for whatever reason, this could so easily have been far more serious.

Have to say, she’s as cool as a cucumber. Respect for that, and to the chap that warned her!

I can’t make out the registration in the video: if you fancy a go at working it out, you can study the original clip and the one it was zoomed from which are in the original post on AutoElite’s Facebook page here.

My thanks to AutoElite for kindly allowing me to share this here – be careful folks, this is absolutely shocking.

You can find AutoElite’s website here, or contact them via Facebook here – they really are top people, and I thanks to them for highlighting such a concerning issue.

You can find out more about AutoElite and the products they sell and support in this video posted on their page yesterday.

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16 Responses to A very close shave on Brownhills High Street

  1. Shows that not only bike riders have to be aware of whats going on around them, but that pedestrians also have to. You never know whats coming up behind you!

  2. ianrobo says:

    Mike no one should have to think about that if walking, that is just careless/negligent driving. Plus the awful designs of lorries.

  3. Warren Parry says:

    That design/steering system can not be legal for that road
    . you shouold not have to have eyes in the back of your head while walking a pavement. Surely the police might want to look at this and go see if that lorry is road legal. Is it because the driver used rear axle steering?

    • As others pointed out, I’m leaning toward the overhang being strange. Thinking about it I’ve not seen anything do that before routinely.


      • nigel says:

        hi bob had ago at guessing number plate of lorry and think it could be X457SVV but could completely wrong

  4. frederick b lycett says:

    That is not a container lorry, rather a lorry carrying a container, a normal container lorry would not have that amount of overhang and therefore would not swing across the pavement, it also looks like there are no twist locks on the back, not good practice, the box is loaded the wrong way round, more like a plant lorry with a hiab on the front, hence the overhang

  5. Alison says:

    Brownhills High Street a Accident waiting to happen…Traffic need to be one way..one way traffic around back of tesco….Tesco who have destroyed the re development off Brownhills…Still we wait!

    • Brian Stringer says:

      A one way system was talked about and promised more than 20 years ago, and still we wait. And guess what? on the first plans of the market site development, it was proposed to pedestrianise Silver St.

      • To be absolutely fair, a one-way system wouldn’t have prevented this. The problem is the overhang on the vehicle, as several commenters pointed out.


  6. julielem2002 says:

    Bloody hell…. It would have decapitated her!

  7. Carol Stackhouse says:

    Brownhills is too busy with through traffic,it should be re-routed round the back of Tesco like they promised years ago.Thankfully that lady is okay but the next time it may not have such a good ending.

  8. ade reid says:

    Looks like a 7.5 tonne flatbed carrying a container.if you look closely you can see the rear bumper of the wagon.totally illegal overhang and not showing any warning signs on back of the container

  9. Debby Farr says:

    The gentleman that warned the lady with the dog was mr. Graham Keen and his wife lovely couple .

    • Top bloke, for sure. My best wishes to him!


    • Paul Glover says:

      The Lady in question is my wife , if you can send me any contact details for Mr Keen , we would really like to contact him and thank him personally 🙂 it was purely his reaction that made her aware.

      FYI we have reported the matter to the police (twice) but have had no reply

  10. Russell says:

    Why on earth would a container lorry have the need to turn into Bricklin St?…I’m guessing the driver was lost or missed the Ogley Road turn…crazy High St….and don’t get me started on the Greggs delivery van that parks on the double yellow lines on the wrong side of the road facing the wrong way usually between 8:00 and 10:00 at night making deliveries to Brownhills Greggs…surely that shop has rear access…that is another accident waiting to happen

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