A family emporium

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Joseph Edgar Headley in the shop doorway and the wagon loaded ready for deliveries. A great photo kindly supplied by Joe Headley.

Sometimes, the most innocuous posts throw up extraordinary responses – and so it was with the photos I featured here from Richard Starbuck back in January. Richard is related to the Headley family who kept a noted shop – well, maybe not a shop so much as an Emporium –  in Walsall Wood for some years, and the photos of both the shop and Joseph Edgar Headley – Richard’s great Grandfather – provoked some wonderful responses.

In the usual way of these things, it was a slow burner, and I was recently contacted by Joe Headley, grrandson of Joseph Edgar, who had plenty to contribute. At the weekend, he sent me these excellent family photos of the shop and family.

Joe wrote:

Hi Bob,

I recently added comment to a blog post started by Richard Starbuck headed ‘A gentleman in his Sunday best‘. The photo depicted Joseph Edgar Headley and I’ve looked out a few old photos which may be of interest but I’m not computer literate enough to put them on the web-page but I do know how to e-mail them so I thought if they were of interest you may like to post them. Hope you don’t mind.

The above photo shows JE in the shop doorway and the wagon loaded ready for deliveries.I don’t know who the gentleman holding the horse and I’m only half sure but I believe the little girl standing at the back of the wagon is Richar’s grandmother.

The group photo shows Harry Headley on the left, JE centre and Reg Starbuck right (Richard’s grand father). It may have been Harry’s wedding or Reg’s.

Photo at the bottom shows JE and he wife Elizabeth in pony and trap.

If you feel these are of interest I’ll happily e-mail others.

Best regards

Huge thanks are due to Joe – contributions like this are what make this blog what it is and I’m very grateful to be able to present yet another contribution to the rich historical record of Walsall Wood.

All contributions are welcome, and thanks to Joe for some great images and illuminating comments. Is this the first historic local cat we’ve ever captured? The Stymaster will be pleased…

Comments and discussion welcome: either at the foot of this article or to BrownhillsBob at Gogglemail dot com. Cheers!

Image (9)

Harry Headley on the left, Joseph Edgar centre and Reg Starbuck right (Richard’s grandfather). It may have been Harry’s wedding or Reg’s. A wondeful photo kindly supplied by Joe Headley.

Image (9) 2

Joseph Edgar and his wife Elizabeth in the pony and trap. Note the cat, and also the dog kennel. Fantastic period photo kindly supplied by Joe Headley.

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6 Responses to A family emporium

  1. Richard Starbuck says:

    Hi Joe

    What fantastic pictures! I remember nan saying there were more pictures of the shop but I never expected to see them.

    Brilliant article, thanks so much. I’ve asked Bob to forward my contact details to you.

    Richard 🙂

    • Joe Headley says:

      Hi Richard,
      Glad you like them. I’ve sent Bob some others to-day so he may put them on shortly. One is of Mary and Norman’s wedding and it includes your gran and granddad it’s a good photo so hope it comes out well for you. I was amazed to come across by accident your photo of Joseph Edgar its the best I’ve seen of him. I’ll submit some more in time there’s one of him on Dad’s motorbike and believe it or not he’s still got that pipe on ! Another is of him infront of the shop looking more like Arkwright than Ronnie Barker did, dad always said he was a dead ringer for Arkwright.

      • Richard Starbuck says:

        Hahaha, it must run in the family. I remember meeting your dad Harry and mum Dolly at my nans one day, he seemed a character. I’d really like to catch up with you one day soon.

        • Joe Headley says:

          Hi Richard,
          Something must run in the family as my youngest daughter showed my son in law the photo with my dad and your granddad and he actually thought Joseph Edgar was me!! Well I am I guess. Dad was great and like your Nan not to be toyed with on a bad day!

  2. Clive says:

    Great photos Joe, thank you for sharing them.

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