Yes, you can have your say in Brownhills!


From the Walsall Advertiser, October 31st 2013.

It’s with thanks to the wonderful @allaboutWalsall twitter account and Walsall Council officer Kate Goodall that I’m able to correct a misconception printed in the Walsall Advertiser this week.

I wouldn’t normally bother pulling stuff like this into the light, but this one is quite important, and I think it’s crucial that folk get the correct information.

Brownhills resident Michael Turner had a letter published in this week’s Walsall Observer (shown left), complaining that the ongoing Walsall Council Budget Consultations are not taking place in Brownhills. This is incorrect, there will be two such consultations in coming weeks.

There are events planned for Brownhills and Walsall Wood – one this week at Oak Park Leisure Centre, Walsall Wood this coming Tuesday the 5th November from 4-6pm, and another at Brownhills Library in the Parkview Centre on Thursday 14th November, from 2-4pm.

You can read about the consultations on the council website here.

I never saw the original article in the Advertiser to which Michael refers, so these could have been missed from it. I’m sure nobody, including the Council, the Advertiser or indeed Mr. Turner, had  any intention to give out incorrect information.

I do actually concur with the gentleman’s assertion about the phone system and these automated services in general, although I do find trying at off-peak times of the day if possible is rewarded with a prompter service.

Please do take part in the consultations if you can. The cuts will massively affect not just Brownhills, but the whole borough and I’d like to think we can all have our say.

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