Reading aloud – can you help Brian Stringer?


Local author and community activist Brian Stringer needs some help. Can you assist with his technological predicament?

That there Clayhanger Kid himself – Brian Stringer – has dropped me a line with a special request. The local author, activist and friend of the blog needs some help recording his books as spoken word audio for the local talking book service.

This sounds like a really good idea, and I support Brian’s efforts wholeheartedly, but know nothing about sound recording, so I’m hoping a more clued up reader can help him record his books.

Brian explains:

Hi Bob,

When I did my book signing at the Library, a blind lady who used to live in Clayhanger came along and told me of the difficulty she has obtaining audio books by local authors. Best sellers by big name writers was not a problem, but books like mine were lost to the visibly impaired. At her suggestion I contacted the chap who runs the Society for The Blind in Walsall.

At his invitation I did an interview for them on their ‘Talking News’ programme which goes out on memory sticks to hundreds of their members. During my conversation with Keith I found out that there were 1700 registered blind people in the Walsall Borough.

As my first book sold out, I have been toying with the idea of trying to put both it, and my second book to memory stick, for the availability of their members.

They have a brilliant recording studio but as it’s in constant use it is unavailable, but Kieth has told me that if I can get a master memory stick he can copy as many as is required for me.

He has also come up with a brilliant little device that plays the audio, which they nearly all use in their own homes.

He reckons I would get both books on a 8 gig stick, which would keep the cost down.

My problem is Bob, that although I don’t mind sitting and reading through both books I’m as green as grass as to how to go about it and wondered if any of your blog readers would meet up with me and talk me through or help out in some way?

I don’t intend to make any money on this, just cover my costs and help out the visibly impaired.

Keith invited me to their open day and I met some wonderful people who helped out in so many ways and I thought that maybe I too could bring something to the table as it were.

Cheers Bob

If you can help Brian, please do comment here or drop me a line on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

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  1. andyropes7 says:

    I’ll ask my son Drew to assist

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