Wild, wild life


Just one example of the fine images available at Georgia’s Wildlife Watch. Click on the image to visit her blog.

I promised yesterday that I had some local blogs to bring to your attention. This is one that’s really brilliant, and leaves me spellbound every time I visit it.

It’s a wildlife blog, but there’s something that sets it apart from the usual fare – like my favourite nature blogs, such as Chaz Mason, Georgia Locock imbues her work – great photography, video footage and comment – with the most wonderful personality. It’s a fabulous thing.

That, and there’s badgers, which will please The Stymaster no end. And wood mice. And woodpeckers. And… go take a look. I’m hooked.

Thanks to Georgia for a rare and beautiful thing. Long may it continue.

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2 Responses to Wild, wild life

  1. Pedro says:

    Lovely Blog, thanks for recommendation.

    However making a comment can be a bit of a headache!

    • Georgia’s blog is based on Google’s platform ‘Blogger’ – notoriously problematic with comments. You can’t beat WordPress, in my opinion…

      Best wishes

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