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Here’s a quick fun series of videos that amused me greatly, found by top reader and local history ferret [Howmuch?] showing Birmingham just as everything was changing in the postwar era. I think everyone who knew the 1960s redevelopment of Birmingham – now long consigned to history – will raise a wry smile at these clips.

I know Peter ‘Pedro’ Cutler will like these particularly; note also the classic Telly Savalas promotional film available in my previous post about Birmingham of the period. I’ve also covered Birmingham’s redevelopment in my ‘Give Me The Ring’ post.

As an aside, note how many of the cars are British. They don’t make ’em like that any more…

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  • Pedro

    “I get knocked down, but I get up again.”

    Thanks Bob and Howmuch? Much to look at!

    A great view of the old cars. Love the bit with the old man painting the lines, no safety precaution there! He even has to move his broom out of the way of a bus.

    All the best, Pedro

  • andrew

    Only had time to look at the first one. Fascinating – except that I think that the date is wrong. At the beginning there is a Midland Red Motorway Coach and I think that it is of the type introduced in 1965. At 38 seconds there is a ‘C’ reg Ford Cortina and ‘C’ reg cars were 1965 (my dad had a ‘D’ reg one in 1966)

    Need more time to look at the others but thanks for finding them.

  • tkevcro

    My dad had a ‘c’ reg cortina very like the one in the film and indeed was regarded as 1965 but they would come out in August 1964 as brand new cars.

  • Pedro

    Here is a link to a scan of a slide taken by my late uncle of the near completion of the Rotunda (click to enlarge)…

  • David Evans

    HI Bob
    cars..real cars..not jellymould things, real cars! People in real, well-tailored clothes, and looking smart, too.. and, to top it all..Eggie Harris’ egg stall..a link with Brownhills!
    Thanks, Bob

  • Clive

    Nice one Howmuch and Bob, enjoyed the videos.

  • stymaster

    If it’s old Birmingham pics you like, have a look at this, or here.


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