Sorry, I have to share this

I think the traditional Autumn blues are passing at last. The weather and scenery are getting interesting again…

From the entrance to Shire Oak Quarry Landill, camera balanced on the gate. 7:07pm, Friday, 28th September 2012.

Anglesey basin. 6:12pm, Saturday, 29th September 2012.

Tesco car park, looking over the canal towards the Watermead. 6:40pm, Saturday 29th September 2012.

I just want to say, the photography, after several weeks of being dull, seems to be improving again. All three of the above images have been posted on my 365daysofbiking journal, but the Lichfield one in particular deserves a higher resolution than Tumblr affords. Really chuffed with them.

While I’m about it, there have been some excellent blog posts published in recent days. Linda Mason has written a lovely one about her experiences of the counter-demonstration to the EDL protest in Walsall yesterday, and a blogger I was unaware of, Jimm Rennie, has written a sterling piece about why Walsall’s streets aren’t the EDL’s to take back.

In another great blog post, Hachidori (also know as Walsall Wildlife, countryside ranger Morgan Bowers, late of this parish) has written powerfully and clearly about what’s wrong with a lot of science writing. All three of these are excellent and I had to share.

Another blog worth reading I’ve been meaning to plug for ages is that of local lad Warren Parry. He lives in Brownhills, works in construction and is a keen metal detectorist, history enthusiast and fisherman. Warren is writing some top stuff as The Ogley Dirt Farmer. It’s about time the chap got some credit – I’m hooked. Likewise, Susan Marie-Ward is crafting some fine local history over at Stafforshire Bred, as is the ubiquitous Kate over at Lichfield Lore who’s been doing some outstanding stuff on Christian Fields in Lichfield recently. It’s like a a cardigan fan club round here, it really is.

On the subject of maps, that there Gareth Thomas, the top Lichfield council officer who supplied the excellent 1963 aerial photos, has a nice Pinterest thing running featuring his favourite maps, which is well worth a look. It’s interesting to note that on the subject of the aerial photos, they’ve proven useful to the wider local history community, even is some of them can’t lower themselves to credit their sources. Mike Hawes, from Aldridge, continues to wander far an wide taking photos like I do, but he’s in a VW Campervan – and his photography is much more interesting.

If there’s anyone you feel needs a plug, please do shout up.

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