Is Gerald Reece in the house, please?

Hi Gerald, if you’re reading this, any chance you could get in touch, please? Following your welcome and intriguing comments to this post, I sent a couple of emails, but no response, and I’m wondering if I have the correct address, as the one I have seems quite old.

You can contact me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.



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  2. elaine myatt says:

    What a find!! Spent my childhood/youth in Brownhills 60’s/70’s stumbled across this blog and it all came flooding back, lived in Catshill Road, went to Millfield school, then Ogley Girls School, we were moved for my last year to the all singing and dancing brand new Brownhills Comprehensive, very handy for nipping over to the Old fairground at chasewater after school.
    Mr Hill from Hill’s corner shop Ogley Hay Rd. delivered the weekly groceries in his A45 van.. spent many happy days by the Cut, getting chased off Laney’s farm(sandhills) while waiting for a glimpse of the horse drawn barges.
    As it seem’s to have been overlooked just wanted to put a big mention in for ‘Bill Barnett’s’ Youth Club (Lichfield Road) the mecca of the youth in the 70’s
    Mowtown and soul ruled the Friday night Disco… happy Day’s.
    It was tragic when Victor Value replaced the Cinema but grateful when the huge outdoor market gave me the opportunity to earn my first ‘pin money’
    before moving up in the world to an office job at ‘Artistic Container’s’ bottom end of the Lichfield Road,,, kept my very first pony down near the caravan park there.
    I moved on to greener pasture but Brownhills and everyone there is fondly remembered… Serendipity. by Annie Oakley.
    Keep it coming Bob…

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  7. Gary Sears says:

    Found this blog. Lived in Brownhills in the 60’s,70’s and early eighties. Have been living in Brisbane for nearly 30 years and coming back to visit in September. Will be the last time visiting the old country and will be very interested to see what has changed in Brownhills and surrounding areas.

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