Chasewater: culvert operations

Just a quick note to point out that there’s a new post over on the official Chasewater Dam Blog, containing an embedded video (which I feature below) of the state of the outflow culvert, as filmed from a Remotely Operated Vehicle, as I suggested it had been filmed a month or so ago. This is fascinating video from specialist external contractors and shows the state of the engineering involved. A wondrous thing.

A photo gallery has also been added.

Sadly, also posted is the statement that the Dam Road, and by extension, access to the dam area from the canal will not be possible until ‘early to mid next year’. Looks like the publicity binge was premature and misguided. I like the way that the blog suggests this is hot new information, when people around the park have been saying this for a month or more. There’s nothing like responding to concerns…

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  1. Paul Gosling says:

    Glad they finally added that video and pictures, looking at it one cant help but be upset at how they did the final works. I fully understand the need for the works and even why they did it how they did but to blend that amazing culvert entrance into cast concrete sections is a shame.

    Its a shame they couldnt take more time and reinforce the culvert in a manner more suited to the original methods, Still wish they had granted me access to the entrance or even I had just gone down myself one sunday.

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