Knaves Court, Brownhills – a new heart for the community

I was contacted a few weeks ago by Chris Smith, who works at the new Housing 21 extra-care facility Knaves Court – the impressive, recently opened building near the Anchor Bridge. Chris works in the restaurant, and asked me If I’d publicise it here on the blog. I immediately agreed, but suggested that she might light to take some pictures of the new centre so I could turn it all into an article.

Chris kindly obliged and thanks to the power of t’internet, I present for you this engaging description of the lovely things Knaves Court has to offer. Remember that they’re all open to the general public, so why not pop in and check them out for yourself?

I thank Chris for her wonderful efforts. I must say, it all looks very posh. It’s long overdue, but now Brownhills has a modern facility to be proud of.

Chris had the following to say:

Hi, its Chris from Knaves Court. I’ve taken some photographs of the centre today and I’m going to try and send them to you.

Theres the shop which is open 7 days a week to tenants and public, they sell groceries, newspapers,toiletries greetings cards  all at competitive prices and they are shortly going to get paypoint installed which i think its great.



There’s the hairdressers which again is open to the public can’t tell you the opening times of that I’m afraid. It’s got everything needed for your perfect hairdo, and is fully equipped for a great new style or your usual trim.



The restaurant is open to tenants and members of the public 12 till 2 daily. Main meals start at £1.60. A new menu every day with vegetarian options available. Sunday carvery at  £4 for 2 courses, kids 10 and under £3. Main course and pud, you can choose from 3 cuts of meat, all 3 if you like and a good range of seasonal veg.


We cook good homemade dishes and charge reasonable prices. The catering team consists of me – I’m the cook in charge  and the 4 assistant cooks are Chris, Linda, Gloria and Gill . You will get a warm and friendly welcome please come along and have your lunch with us.


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  1. Tim says:

    Looks Good Chris! At those prices you couldnt cook at home for cheaper. Will certainly be popping in for lunch sometime!

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