More idiocy at Chasewater

The track was still icy and busy with walkers, many with small kids. Clearly completely oblivious to the illegality and danger of what they were doing. West embankment path, Chasewater, 1:28pm Sunday, 17th January 2010

This isn’t the first time I’ve posted pictures of arseholes indulging in illegal motorbike use at Chasewater. Check out this previous post.

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4 Responses to More idiocy at Chasewater

  1. To be fair they look sensible and have crash helmets and a tiny bike….

    if it was electric powered would we be so bothered??

    • Don’t be so idiotic.

      They were travelling at high speed amongst young kids, dogs and other hazards. They may well have been wearing helmets, but their victims certainly were not. They are threatening, dangerous and care little for those whose environment they disturb with noise and danger.

      If you’d like to point out any kind of electric bike that’ll travel at those speeds, I’d like to se it.

      These people are yobs and should be stopped.


  2. Dave Capper says:

    Agree with your comment Bob. These fuckwits on bikes have been a real menace on the canal towpath at Brownhills as well. They are a danger to walkers, pets, children and of course cause damage to the surface. They are probably a danger to themselves, but so what, I’d love to see them end up in the canal.


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