Bostin® – Birmingham and Black Country – Spreading the luuurve…

Edditer apparel

Edditer apparel

I’m loving what the guys behind the Bostin brand are doing for our area – for too long we’ve been hiding our regional delights under a bushel. They sell merchandise for the wonderful Birmingham, it’s not shit, the Bloxidge Tallygraph and even Wolverhampton soul songstrel Beverly Knight recently appeared on Midlands Today proudly sporting her Bostin Tee! But it’s not just great tee shirts, Bostin is everything from social media to the cartoon ‘Bostin Heroes’ to supporting the Brum bid for the 2018 world cup. They are true evangelists for Birmingham and the Black Country, and I think that makes them well Bostin!

They’ve even got a Black Country translator dooberry, essential for those recent arrivals (anyone who’s been here for less than thirty years, in other words) who haven’t yet mastered the inscrutable local linguistic idiosyncracies…

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  1. Joanne Green says:

    I couldn’t have put it better myself.

    I’m sick of people knocking Brummies and The Black Country…. I’ve always loved my town and area .. and am proud!

    Nice blog!

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