PubBlog – In Ur Pubz, Drinkin Ur Beerz

PubBlog – In Ur Pubz, Drinkin Ur Beerz.

From the author of Pigblog,  Stymaster, comes the excellent PubBlog. I’ve been meaning to give it a shout out for ages, sorry about that. He’s a man clearly dedicated to his art; a man selflessly testing crap hostelries so we don’t have to. Stymaster, the Walsall drinking populace salute you…

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3 Responses to PubBlog – In Ur Pubz, Drinkin Ur Beerz

  1. Mocksure says:

    I can haz booze?

  2. stymaster says:

    Yes, and in some cases you can haz cheezburger too.

    Do you know, I didn’t realise I was providing a public service before now 😉

  3. Ur doin’ it rather well, aksherly.

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