Brownhills finest on the radio!

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5 Responses to Brownhills finest on the radio!

  1. JeepBoy says:

    The crackle and popping on BBC iplayer has been a problem for some months – on message forums they claim to have irradicated the problem only for it to re-appear – bizarrely at one stage they were blaming a faulty motherboard which they were unable to locate !!

  2. Mick_P says:

    Often, things almost (or completely) unlistenable via the iplayer work brilliantly by using the marvellous Beebotron links:

    • Cheers, Mick and Jeepboy.

      I don’t record much radio for here, but when I do, the source is always bloody terrible. It’s maddening, because if inlayer was doing it for TV there’d be uproar.

      Cheers for the tip. That’s now in the bookmarks, cheers.


  3. Jean Burke says:

    Thanks to my brother David Hodgkinson who allerted me to this interview with David Golden. I’m sitting here in Brisbane, Australia just having thoroughly enjoyed the recording. David G spoke well and it was a delightful interview. Even the reception sounded ok too. Good to hear a Brownhills boy doing so well.

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